Le Fantôme à l’Institut Français

Le Fantôme à l’Institut Français

Beyond Words festival at the Institut Français in London


The Phantom on Film at Institut Français in London

In honour of the 150th birthday of Gaston Leroux (b. 6 May 1868), members of the Network were invited to present work at the ‘Beyond Words’ festival (14–21 May 2018) put on by the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni.

Cormac Newark, Annette Davison and John Snelson introduced the scenario as opera’s most famous off-shoot, one that has inspired and infiltrated cultures around the world, offering a rich subject for re-interpretation in media ranging from ballet to musical theatre. Arising from the discussion was also the question of why, among so many screen versions from places as far apart as Latin America and China, this unique record of the ‘capital of the nineteenth century’, Paris, has been the object of so little adaptation in its country of origin.

Annette Davison at Institut Français in London

The first part of the evening, which in classic Institut style featured a rather classy wine and cheese reception, was followed by a public screening of Brian de Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise (1974) at the Ciné Lumière, introduced by Annette Davison.



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