1963 – Santo vs El Estrangulador

1963 – Santo vs El Estrangulador

Santo el Enmascarado de Plata
– Alberto Vázquez
Laura – María Duval
Irene – Begoña Palacios
Lilian – Ofelia Montesco
El gran Goudini / el estrangulador [the strangler] – Roberto Cañedo
Inspector Villegas – Carlos López Moctezuma
Director – René Cardona
Writer and adaptation – Rafael García Travesí
Production company – Estudios América and Cinematográfica Norte
Producer – Alberto López
Production Manager – Luis García de León
Composer – Enrico Cabiati
Director of Photography – Alfredo Uribe
Editor – José Juan Munguía
Designer/sets – Arcadi Artís Gener
Makeup – Antonio Ramírez

Mexican wrestling film, split into three parts. Its third episode, entitled El fantasma del teatro (The Phantom of the Theatre), refers to Leroux’s novel.

At the Teatro Variedades (Theater of Varieties), a caped strangler with a deformed face is killing the vedettes. The police inspector Villegas calls on Santo to help investigate. Laura, the first vedette, is singled out by the work hand Marcos, who is an ex-wrestler and in love with the vedette Lillian, who wants to see Laura dead. Santo prevents this and other murders from occurring while trying to piece together the identity of the murderer. Interjected in the plot are musical numbers and scenes of Santo wrestling. After some investigation in his private archive, Santo realizes that the strangler was at one time a popular quick change artist named el gran Goudini and womanizer. A jilted lover, a vedette, grew jealous of his womanizing and threw acid on him, severely burning his face. Seeking revenge, he strangled her then moved onto the other performers in the theater. After Santo exposes the culprit in the film’s most extreme scene (the strangler disguises himself in a female flesh mask as the theater’s secretary), the strangler is chased by police and falls to his death. Santo then rides away in his sports car (with the musically inclined orphan Milton he picked up along the way), bringing the film to an abrupt end.


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