1960 – El fantasma de la opereta

1960 – El fantasma de la opereta

Aldo or Baldomiro Valdés – German Valdés “Tin Tan”
Lucy – Ana Luisa Peluffo
Marcucci – Luis Aldás
López, dressmaker – Marcel Chávez
Gertrudis –  Famie Kaufman “Vitola”
Juan – Antonio Brillas
Director – Fernando Cortés
Writer – Alfredo Ruanova
Adaptation – Gilberto Martínez Solares and Juan García
Production company – Brooks S.A., Óscar J. Brooks and Ernesto Enríquez
Producer – Julio Guerrero Tello
Place of production – Estudios San Ángel
Composer – Manuel Esperón
Director of Photography – Jack Draper
Editor – Gloria Schoeman
Designer/sets – Jorge Fernández
Makeup – Margarita Ortega

Pre-existing music
Song list from Beginning Credits
– “Fumando espero” by Juan Viladonat
– “Na taboleiro de bahiana” by Ary Barroso
–  “Como antes” by Vincenzo Di Paola and Sandro Taccani
–  “Doña Mariquita” by Jacinto Guerrero
–  “Bueños Días Maria” by O. Moreu y A. Alguero
–  “El Relicario” by José Padilla
Not listed
– “La Lola” by Francisco Alonso
–  Cancan (untitled), composer unknown
–  “Como antes”, composer unknown

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