1970 – Gesheng meiying (Family Love)

1970 – Gesheng meiying (Family Love)

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Fenggu – Chang Mei-Yao (Zhang Meiyao)
Mei Fang (Fenggu’s mother) – Chang Ping-Yu (Zhang Bingyu)
Fenggu’s father – Yi Ming
Tang Fan – Zou Sen
Huang Yinger – Hsia Tai-Feng (Xia Taifeng)
Director – Wu Huan
Writer – Lu Chih-tzu (Lu Zhizi)
Producer – Yang Chiao (Yang Qiao)
Director of Photography – Zhang Ruilin
Editor – Zhou Daochun

This Taiwanese spin-off recycles various elements of the Yeban gesheng remakes and their respective sequels.

Fenggu flies from Hong Kong to Taipei and reunites with her family after a long separation. Her mother, Mei Fang, finds her cold and reticent, but Fenggu’s father, a military engineer, does not understand his wife’s apparent lack of love for their daughter. Fenggu tries to steal military blueprints from her father’s study. Huang Yinger, a famous songstress, performs at Fenggu’s birthday party and discovers angrily that her love interest Tang Fan, a journalist, is close to his cousin Fenggu.

Fenggu visits an off-limits military base with her father. Photography is forbidden, but she sneaks some pictures with a spy camera. An approaching vehicle catches her off-guard. She falls off the cliff and her face is disfigured. Now realising that Fenggu is a communist spy pretending to be her daughter, Mei Fang nevertheless cannot bring herself to kill her. Tang Fan’s father, who is Fenggu’s doctor, wants his son to console Fenggu. Even Yinger hopes that he can help her. Fan and Fenggu spend time together. However, when Fan’s mother tells Fenggu that Fan’s girlfriend is Yinger, Fenggu is readmitted to the hospital. Yinger visits Fenggu at the hospital and Mei Fang discovers that Yinger is her real daughter: she has a distinctive red mole.

It turns out that Yinger (that is, the real Fenggu) had fled from communist China to Taiwan three years ago. A male spy in sunglasses arrives in Taiwan with the aim of killing Yinger. The fake Fenggu determines to turn her back on Communism and struggle for freedom. When the male spy tries to stab Yinger backstage, the fake Fenggu receives the wound for her.


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