1963 – Yeban gesheng xia ji (Mid-Nightmare, the sequel)

1963 – Yeban gesheng xia ji (Mid-Nightmare, the sequel)

1963 Mid-nightmare, the sequel
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Li Shou-hsia (Li Xiaoxia) – Betty Loh Ti
Sung Tan-ping (Song Danping) – Chao Lei
Sun Xiao’ou – Paul Chang Chung
Wang Man-li – Li Hsiang Chun
Li Hsien-chen – Yang Chih-Ching
Ma Chih-shiang (Ma Zhixiang) – Mak Kay
Wu Shaoxiong – Hong Bo
Director – Yuan Qiufeng
Writers – Ma-Xu Weibang (story) and Yi Fan (screenplay)
Producer – Run Run Shaw
Music – Wang Fu-Ling
Director of Photography – Lin Kuo-Hsiang
Editor – Chiang Hsing-Lung

Mid-nightmare, the sequel (1963) picks up where Mid-nightmare leaves off. Li Xiaoxia attends Ludie’s funeral and Sun Xiao’ou tells her he will look after her on Song Danping’s behalf. Facing Japanese invasion, the Li family flees to Shanghai and hopes to marry Xiaoxia off to Wu Shaoxiong (Hong Bo), a collaborator and spymaster known as Killer No. 76. Danping is saved by fishermen. He returns to Mr. Zhong’s residence and discovers that he died four years ago. Danping reunites with Zhong Xiuying, Mr. Zhong’s daughter, and her lover Ma Zhixiang, Mr. Zhong’s student. The three become underground fighters against the occupying Japanese. Danping is now known as the Mid-night man, assassinating collaborators while Zhixiang and Xiuying disguise as the driver and maid in Wu’s residence.

Meanwhile, Xiao’ou and his female friend Manli become members of an anti-Japanese organization. Xiao’ou persuades Xiaoxia to get engaged to the spymaster in order to obtain intelligence. Xiao’ou also stops Danping from unorganized assassination attempts and recruits him as part of the official anti-Japanese cause. The spymaster discovers Xiaoxia while she is stealing documents. Danping rescues her. She faints from seeing his disfigured face. Danping is captured and tortured. Xiaoxia implores the spymaster to allow her to see Danping. In the prison cell, Danping sings to Xiaoxia the theme song of Song at Midnight (1937). When the spymaster orders Danping’s execution in the forest, Xiaoxia rushes within range and dies with Danping.


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