1962 – Yeban gesheng shang ji (Mid-Nightmare)

1962 – Yeban gesheng shang ji (Mid-Nightmare)

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Li Shou-hsia (Li Xiaoxia) – Betty Loh Ti
Sung Tan-ping (Song Danping) – Chao Lei
Sun Xiao’ou – Paul Chang Chung
Lu-di  (Ludie) – Fanny Fan
Caretaker of the theatre – Tien Feng
Tang Chun (Tang Jun) – Chiang Kwong-chao
Nai-niang (wet nurse) – Hong Wei
Li Hsien-chen – Yang Chih-Ching
Director – Yuan Qiufeng
Screenwriter – Ma-Xu Weibang
Producer – Run Run Shaw
Music – Wang Fu-Ling
Director of Photography – Lin Kuo-Hsiang
Editor – Chiang Hsing-Lung

Eight years ago, Song Danping (Chao Lei) performed an opera about the struggle for freedom; Li Xiaoxia (Betty Loh Tih) was his adoring fan. Their class-defying love was strongly disapproved of by Xiaoxia’s father, a powerful warlord, and his student Tang Jun (Chiang Kwong-chao). Tang Jun disfigured Danping with fire. Danping feigned death and consoled Xiaoxia with the song at midnight of the title.

Now, Sun Xiao’ou (Paul Chang Chung), a young leading actor, travels with the Angel Troupe to a dilapidated theatre where the famous Danping, an actor who revolutionized drama, was “killed” eight years ago. In rehearsal, Xiao’ou repeatedly fails to sing a line from the opera about the forced separation and annual reunion between the Cowherd and Weaving Girl. As he insists on practising alone, a shadow appears and teaches him how to sing. The singing lesson leads to Xiao’ou’s success on stage. The shadow turns out to be Song Danping himself.

Danping then wants Xiao’ou to console the deranged Xiaoxia on his behalf, but Xiao’ou is in love with Ludie. Tang Jun invites Ludie to his residence after her performance and rapes her. During another performance, Tang Jun seeks out Ludie backstage but is discovered by Xiao’ou. He shoots Xiao’ou, but Ludie throws herself between them and takes the bullet. Danping fights with Tang Jun in the theatre and the latter falls to his death. The audience chases Danping to a tower and burns it. Danping jumps into a river while Xiao’ou and Xiaoxia look into the distance.


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