1991 – O Fantasma da Ópera

1991 – O Fantasma da Ópera

Miniseries from Geraldo Vietri based on the novel by Gaston Leroux

Rodrigo Alfredo do Vale (The Phantom) – Claudio Marzo
Cristina Andreatti – Carolina Ferraz
José Carlos Ribeiro – Tarcísio Filho
Conductor Antônio Medeiros – Sérgio Britto
Amália – Rosamaria Murtinho
Maestro Mário Barretti – Edwin Luisi
Celinha – Andréa Richa
Marion Leik Fitzgerald (Opera singer) – Jandira Martini
Vera Gonzaga (singer) – Totia Meireles
Channel – Rede Manchete
Date – 15 October – 29 November 1991
Number of chapters – 37
Time – 21h 30
Writers – Paulo Afonso de Lima and Jael Coaracy
Supervisor – Geraldo Vietri
Director – Del Rangel, Álvaro Fugulin and Atílio Riccó
General Director – Del Rangel

A series of crimes takes place at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro as Cristina Andreatti prepares to star in the premiere of Marília de Dirceu, an unpublished opera being mounted by Antônio Medeiros, the current owner of the theatre. The work was originally composed by Rodrigo Alfredo do Vale, supposedly dead for several years. Legends say his ghost lives on in the basements of the theater, hiding his disfigured face. The Phantom falls in love with Cristina, who tries to prove that he is not the author of the crimes that happen during rehearsals for the first night…



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